What is it? What is the story behind it?
For whom?
How to consume it?

Bsissa is a powder made from barley and wheat sorted and ground grain making it a champion in nutrition.

This cereal, grown for millennia, is rich in fiber and naturally low in fat and contains important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The barley feed must contain at least one gram of betaglucan per serving, and people should consume at least three servings to obtain the minimum daily intake required to reduce cholesterol.

L’aliment à base d’orge doit contenir au moins un gramme de bêta-glucane par portion et les consommateurs doivent en consommer au moins trois portions pour obtenir l’apport quotidien minimal leur permettant de réduire le cholestérol.

Bsissa, this ancient magic formula, was originally a nutritious engine used by farmers as an essential food with which they began their long days of working the soil and plowing, from dawn on. The Bsissa, mixed with extra olive oil and tasty honey, provides the body with a constant resistance that is almost unheard of in other food. Today, after centuries, Bsissa has become an original and authentic food used by a wide and varied social groups, even if Bsissa is still unknown in some parts of the world, this nutritious formula is infatuating, you only need to know it and taste it in the right place to fall under its delicious and beneficial charm.


Our trademark “Habibty”, is culturally well positioned to invest in this heritage of ancestors, mixing authentic and scientific to create a range of unique products!

Habibty puts all its knowledge and diversifies the research to obtain food treasure, always based on barley, enriched with the powder of medicinal plants, multiple and almost infinite combinations of hand-picked dried fruits, first class date sugar, first pressure olive oil, a pure and healthy honey…


Even today, when our grandparents refer to a rich and balanced diet as the key to a successful health, the Bsissa is always present to accompany their dishes. Bsissa, if we want to classify it, is a naturally nutritious food supplement, without any treated substance, intended primarily for pregnant women in order to bring the virtues more than necessary to the fetus. To boost the the newborns’ health, we take pleasure in making Bsissa, especially the Special Recipe which is a concentrated Bsissa- Post-birthing Bsissa and Zrir are there to provide many nutrients that strengthen the mother but also the baby throughout her breastfeeding. the Bsissa is also intended for athletes. As the proteins of dried fruits, the energy of honey and good olive oil do not deserve a description, their benefits are approved by the science, validated and advised by renowned nutritionists, whether to follow a diet program, for weight loss, for the regeneration of muscles, for muscular beauty and fitness … .

A healthy food is key to a healthy mind.

A healthy mind is a successful meditation.


              Bsissa is notably recommended for children because this food brings the necessary nutritional need for strengthening the gastric, cardiac and bone system, in order to ensure optimal and promising growth.
Since we want to spoil our children while providing them with healthy food, Habibty adapts a combination not only spoilt and generous, but also healthy and rich.
The range of Bsissa with chocolate, fenugreek, lentils, sorghum, nuts…
A multitude of flavors that do not leave our children indifferent, already tested before marketing, are natural flavors adulated and claimed consciously and unconsciously by our future generations, a complete food that can be served at breakfast, for tastes and even served as a family dessert.

What a pleasure!

Starting a solid nutrition is not enough, it must also be maintained…
Among the strengths of barley fibers, which are primarily linked to the benefits of natural components, Bsissa is an essential food to prevent any derivative of osteoporosis, amyotrophy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Why the Bsissa?

In an era of industrialized and chemical food, healthy food is becoming increasingly scarce, especially in the era of pandemics that requires reliable nutrition to cope with the rising health issues. 

Bsissa is therefore considered as a nutritional guide classified between foods that contain the most vitamins, fibers, essential acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as other components.

How to consume it?

Bsissa powder

It will be necessary to add olive oil, honey, or date sugar, or brown sugar, or simple sugar,..

Bsissa can also be consumed without sugar for those who like sugar-free coffee or for diabetics who follow a strict diet.

bsissa en poudre

Bsissa mixed

Open the lid, enjoy directly with a small spoon. Enjoy your meal.

Here we aim at a clean, health-friendly food revolution.


Habibty’s team.

Our Bsissa